Vinexpo Meetings Korea, the meteoric rise
of the Land of the Morning Cal

Vinexpo Meetings has its sights clearly set on Asia's most dynamic market. This tailored business event is designed to deliver on the major promises for the growth of wine in Korea over the next decade.


Since the free-trade agreements penned with the United States, Chile and the European Union, South Korea has joined the ranks of the world's 15 most appealing markets. In 2021, wine imports showed unparalleled growth in the country, surging by 41% in volume and 69% in value to 514 million euros. The figures usher in a decade of strong growth.
Since 2017, the wine drinking population in South Korea has grown by nearly 1 million people, equating to nearly 2% of the nationwide population (55 million). In the world's leading economy for technology and innovation, distribution is being rolled out at the same break-neck speed as internet connections. This is occurring across the country, not just in Seoul, but also in Busan and Daejeon. 
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THE VINEXPO MEETINGS The Vinexpo Meetings are a unique B to B event revolving around quality business meetings between a select group of producers and buyers whose profile matches the business needs of both sides and serves their international development strategy. 

This unique networking format was established in 1984 and has since then become a full-fledged brand, recognised for its efficacy. Its defining qualities are the selection of participants - based on actual, genuine needs - individual support at every stage of the process and the guarantee of an optimised, results-focused schedule. 

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